Breathing in your fumes of false truths
My lungs knew you were off but my tongue would not let loose
It stayed inside your mouth – captivated by your words
On your dick – enticed

I spent my afternoons with your hands on my love handle
Trapped in the notion that we were a glass tunnel
When in fact I was led by a flickering, fading candle
I started to dream up the warmth

The maze to your apartment
Was like your past, truths or lies – all hard to navigate
So whether it be early or late
I would not wander in with our poems, kisses, no trace of my scent

Your harmony fit my melody
But your composition was not genuine
The sound I knew to my ears was heavy
Emotional vulnerability does not equate honesty
That much I have learned

Conscience got to you at some point – only halfway
When our special night came you could not invite me to stay
Knowing just before you kissed different breasts
Laid your hands upon different hips

I guess being a dick causes malfunctions
Because you could no longer get hard knowing

I was not your only


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